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Government Organizations in New York:

New York State Department of Health
     The Department's web site, which serves more than 2.4 million pages to nearly 750,000 visitors per month, was redesigned on January 13, 2005, to make it easier to navigate and access information on important health department initiatives and health-related topics.  The web site's enhanced capabilities feature easy-to-read text on comprehensive and complex health department programs and related topics, a "common sense" navigational design that includes a topic-based A-Z index, faster down load times, improved search capabilities and increased accessibility to Spanish content.
     The site improves access for disabled individuals by offering more standards compliant pages that are friendly to assistive technologies, alternate file formats and more descriptive and easy to find page links. The public may access the Department's web site through the newly established web address domains at: and The public may also access the Department's web site through the existing domain at:
     For information on laboratory testing of viral encephalitis, including West Nile virus, go to the Wadsworth Center Laboratory.
     For more information on bioterrorism for both the public and the pediatrician, visit the New York State Bioterrorism Readiness page
New York State Department of Education

New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

United States Senators
E-mail links to U.S. Senators
United States House of Representatives
E-mail links to U.S. Representatives

American Herpes Foundation's Herpes Monitor Online Publication - in PDF format

Disclaimer:  The medical information on the above web pages and their internal links are the sole responsibility of the designers of those sites.  New York District II has not verified the medical data on these sites.  You should use the information from these sources at your own discretion.